Monday, August 24, 2009

Am I Being Compulsive?

I am certain that I am not the only one that has this problem. No one talks about it. No one seems to understand my dilemma here. My inbox is full. I sit down to read my email and each one seems to be something that requires more attention than I seem to have at this moment. I put it in a folder or I just leave it to read thoroughly later.

Later when I see all my emails I think, "Oh, I am waaaay too busy right now. I need to come back later and read this and then delete it." And I sign out.

My phone has the same problem. My inbox is constantly full of text messages. I read and delete and read some more. Delete, delete, and I am still in the danger zone. Some are so cute I have to save them. Some are so sad I can't delete. I have text messages from the day my poor cat died. I can't hit the delete button on that day.

I have the same problem with library books. I would rather pay an overdue fine than return an unread book. It is just wrong to send a book back to the library without finishing every page. I finish a book even when I don't like it. I always think that there will be some redeeming quality in every book. I may learn just one thing....

I need to sign off now. I have an overdue DVD from the library, The Shield Season ? and it's overdue and I haven't finished it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stefanie's New Blog

It took me by surprise but Stefanie decided to start her own blog. You can find it at Trials and Tribulations of Stefanie. I think she has learned a lot by her recent troubles and I am very proud of her.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Libby likes purple claws

I have had enough of my whining lately so I decided to show what types of activities I engage in in my spare time. And no Libby did not like putting her fake nails on but I think she is used to them now.

Jack isn't getting fake nails as he is so sweet that he only scratches in pre-approved scratching areas like scratching pads, etc.

Simba got black fake nails as he hasn't quite figured out the scratching idea. He prefers the leather recliner.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Day in the Life

So I am driving along minding my own business after work. I am not very happy. I feel sorry for myself today and Dan and the situation we are in. The next round of doctor appointments for Dan is a few weeks away. His pain is worse. His balance is worse. I have alot to think about.

I picked up my phone (a very bad habit) and texted Stefanie as she had been strangely quiet today, meaning I hadn't received any text messages from the queen of texting. I feel guilty using my phone for no good reason on the expressway, so I toss it on the seat next to me.

I look over at it. It is still there. I pick it up again to see if she answered me. She did. I send a quick text. And toss it again on the seat. I look at it longingly. I pick it up. I toss it aside. I am thinking to myself that if I have an accident because of my texting I am going to be very sorry.

Suddenly all the traffic stops. I look in my rear mirror at the car behind me. Whew! I am OK. He stops. I take my foot off the brake and hit the accelerator. We stop again but not suddenly this time. Bammmmmm! He hits me. My phone flies to the floor. I tense up and haven't gone back to normal yet. Now I am mad. I pull over and get out of the car to look at my rear bumper. Scratched but not too unslightly. I expected way worse.

I look around and I seem to be alone. I had pulled off the left side of the expressway in between construction barrels. Way in the distance I see an old minivan on the right shoulder. A chubby man in a Hawaiin shirt with baggy shorts is looking at his front bumper. That has to be my guy. He gets back in his car and uses his phone.

So I get back into my car and call the police. While we are waiting for the State Police to arrive I see him trying to get my attention. He is motioning to his watch on his wrist and throwing his hands in the air. Oh no buster we aren't just going to drive off. I want him to get a ticket now. I'm pissed.

The officer came. I saw him hand the guy a ticket. And he escorted me back into the crazy traffic. I feel better but now my shoulder doesn't feel right and I'm sure I will wake up with a stiff neck. This poor little black car has been rear-ended so many times. Poor little car. Poor me.

Well, now I have something new to think about.