Monday, June 22, 2009


Stef is at a job interview right now. Keep your fingers crossed.

The cats are happy happy and that means fighting when I am trying to sleep. In fact, they fight right on top of me. I definitely have a front row seat.

Dan is disappointed. We just came from a doctor's appt and his doctor has to send us to another doctor because he thinks he must be missing something. The new CT scan just doesn't show why Dan is in so much pain. Where is the answer?

Danielle is good. Working. Making money. And has a big bouquet of flowers from the boyfriend. We keep them up on top of the entertainment system. So high in fact, that she forgot that he even sent them. Jack has the tendency to eat flowers so the higher the better.

And thank you for all the nice thoughts you guys sent my way. My pity party is over. People have way worse problems than me so I need to get on with it. I am planning on driving to Indiana for lunch on Saturday to meet up with a bunch of girls I went to high school with. That should give me some well needed laughs I'm sure.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Need Some Comforting Words

I need to reach out to all my bloggy friends for some comforting words. I could say, "Don't worry. Things will be OK. Everything happens for a reason. All this will make Stefanie (and me) stronger in the end. Your husband will be all better after back surgery. Danielle will be happy and make lots of money. All three cats will be happy. There, there. Don't' worry. Be happy".

See I know all the words but when I say them I am not believing them. I need you guys. Comforting words always sound better coming from a friend. This is the scenario in my house right now.......

1). Danielle is starting back at one of her old jobs and will be making better money. That in turn will make her happier. And she is on the Dean's List for this past semester. All good things.

2). Stefanie and Jay broke up and she moved back home. And no, not into her old room. She is in the basement. I just couldn't let that happen cuz I haven't even painted the old bedroom yet and it isn't ready to be trashed......

3). Simba came home with her as she didn't trust Jay to feed him and give him love. I now have three cats. And three cats is waaaaaaaay more than two cats.

4). My toe is still killing me and I have stopped going to the gym. No wonder I am stressed!!!!! I will be back at the treadmill, etc. next week. Today is the first day that the pain level is actually at a tolerable level.

5). Dan is doing worse. He is having more problem with his back. He is having problems with his balance, showering, etc. He sees his doctor later this month and is having the CT scan also. Next month is when he sees his surgeon. And his insurance is changing for the worse as of July 1st. Oh yeah, he did say that he would trade my big toe for his back. I declined.

6). And today Stefanie lost her job. Since she and Jay work together and these fellow employees love gossip and texting and such, the rumors were flying and Stef said something she shouldn't have said to one such employee and it got back to the manager, reports were filed, and Stefanie and the girl got suspended and today Stefanie was fired. Now I have been telling her to get another job for like three years because she doesn't make any money there, because she is going nowhere fast there and I predict that one day soon the place will close for lack of business. Now she has to do something. In the end, she will be better off.

Thanks for listening. Now to fix some dinner and sit on the couch. With my three cats. Maybe I could get them to say, "There, there".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm On a Roll Here

So after my last episode where I locked myself out of the house on Saturday afternoon, the next morning I decided to do an encore....

I was planning to run out on Sunday morning to buy my two Sunday newspapers so I could sit on the couch and let my sore toe heal. I started the car and rolled back a couple of feet. The noise I heard under my car stopped my heart. I put the car in park and jumped out. The car was resting on a bowling ball!!!!When I emptied out the two brown plastic crates yesterday to use them to stand on, I neglected to put the bowling ball in a secure spot (so it wouldn't roll under my car).

Now what? The ball was stuck right where one might place a jack if one had a flat tire. I couldn't just pull it out. I twisted it and it came right out and the car let itself down to the normal position (without a bowling ball).

I drove to the store to buy my newspapers and came home and stayed in the house the rest of the weekend.

Some people just shouldn't be left home alone.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some People Just Shouldn't Be Left Home Alone

OK so in my mind I fantasized a weekend where I would eat what I wanted, go where I wanted, and read for hours on end lying on the couch eating out of the ice cream carton. It started out that way seriously.....

I had a real nice Saturday doing exactly as I pleased. I went to the library, shopped at Meijer, sat outside in the grass with my two cats. The weather was nice. I was happy. The cats love being outdoors and I had them in their harnesses and tied their leashes together. For some reason when cats are on leashes they really don't go anywhere. That is why you can't walk a cat on a leash like a dog. And since I tied the leashes together and cats can't agree on a direction, they just hang out and enjoy the day. We sat in the front yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Life was good.

Then I decided to water my flowers and had to run in the house to fill my water pitcher. I watered the hanging baskets but when I tried to get back into the house through the garage I realized I was locked out of the house!!!!! Again!!!!! The garage door just locks whenever it feels like it and has been doing this to me for years. Some people just don't learn from their previous bad experiences.

The last time I locked myself out I took the ladder from the garage and pried the dining room screen out and climbed in head first onto a dining room chair. This time my heart sank as I realized that the ladder was upstairs in Stef's bedroom. I used it to pull down the wallpaper border last weekend. So now my brain went into overdrive. I emptied two brown plastic crates from the garage, and stood on the two stacked crates. I am tall but I still couldn't get myself up to the right height. My windows are higher than I remembered. So in a burst of mental activity I ran around the house and emptied 150 feet of garden hose out of the plastic deck box. I ignored the bees buzzing in and out of the box. No time for my fear of bees today.

I drag the deck box around to the side of the house and stand it on end. It is higher than the two stacked crates. Up I go on the crates and then a knee onto the deck box. I'm glad I didn't look down at this point or I don't think I would have made it into the dining room. Not fun to enter the dining room head first with your feet out in space. Also nice to know that someone had to have seen me do this and I guess they just chuckled to themselves and drove on by.

Meanwhile the two leashed and harnessed cats are just eating grass and gazing around enjoying themselves. I come out of the house and put away the crates and then drag the deck box back onto the deck and I am so tired at this point that I don't lift my foot high enough on the top step and trip, stub my big toe and fall down onto the box. Up I go and back goes the hose into the box. The cats and I go inside and onto the couch I go with ice on my toe.