Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thank You Carolyn

Fw: At last!
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This isn't the post I thought I was going to do today. Funny how that works sometimes. I had planned on detailing my Friday goings on and how I went to the gym after work and how it rained all day and was cold and ugly. Stefanie and I went out for comfort food for a late dinner (patty melt from a family restaurant where you get a lot of food for not much money) and then I got the call from southern Virginia in his semi on a dirt road, overlooking a precipiece, in the dark, can't turn around, can't see how to get out from where he had gotten himself stuck,,,all because he thought he would try and find a Chinese restaurant with a driver he had just met. The other driver went on through and Dan couldn't.......

Instead I get an email from the long lost Carolyn my friend that I was able to reconnect with recently and she had forwarded me a picture from our lunch this summer in Fort Wayne. This is it!!!!

I am in the back row (where all tall girls went in grade school when any picture was taken) in the pink shirt. Carolyn is in the front row in the blue button down shirt. To the right of her in red is Jana (we have been friends since before kindergarten). Diana is the one on the right in the first row. I have known her since kindergarten. She is the one that told me the facts of life. But then she told me that it wasn't true and not to believe it. I believed her. Both versions.

This one get-together this summer gave me a much needed respite from my life at a much needed time. I was so grateful these people included me for a couple of hours and I got to relive a more carefree time. Many of these people in the picture have serious health issues . One has Multiple Sclerosis. Some have had cancer. For this one afternoon we just shared our thoughts and hashed over some good old times and ate.

Thank you Carolyn. Thanks Jana and Diana and Debbie. Thank you taking the picture Kathy (You look great by the way). Thank you to Joan for orchestrating the whole thing.

I hope I get to see everyone next summer at our high school reunion.


K said...

Sounds like a wondeful time with friends.

Dedene said...

You look great! You're so fortunate to have such dear, long-term friends.
Glad you had a nice time.

Jeanne said...

And thank YOU for posting this pic, so I will be able to recognize you at the restaurant Friday night.

Soooo looking forward to it!

Reasons said...

Hello there Jan - good to see you! Glad you had fun. That phone call sounded a bit worrying though...

Anonymous said...

This is really from Carolyn, not that Anonymous--but my Google account screwed up--

So nice to see this on your blog! I had the same thoughts about being with this group, about considering the serious health problems some have, about remembering us as kindergartners. I sure want to be at the 4oth--but in some ways, a small-scale day like this was richer. It went by way too fast. I look so happy in this photo, and that's the way I felt. Still do, remembering.