Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oatmeal Bath

Yesterday at lunchtime I was driving from our satellite office to our main office in Southfield. I decided to "treat" myself and stop at Speedway to get a large fountain drink. I like to get them there because I can get a jumbo Diet Pepsi and then add my own choice of syrups to give it more flavor (and calories). This is a game I play with myself when I really don't want to go to Southfield for a nasty, busy afternoon at work. Somehow, I think if I have a large drink my day will go better and I will be happier.

I park, open my car door, and jump out of the car. My forgotten cell phone falls out and lands in a snowbank. Ughhhhh! I grab it and quickly try to dry it off and stick it back into my coat pocket and forgot all about it until after my drive I try and make a call. The phone doesn't work! I can text but no talk. I am lost. I neeeeeed my phone.

I take out the battery. I dry it off. I leave it in my locker thinking that later on this afternoon it will work. Not so.

I go online and Google "I got my phone wet". I couldn't believe the amount of people that drop their phones in the toilet. It seems everyone does that. I don't feel so bad cuz mine just hit the snowbank not poop and pee. The advice was always, "Put the phone in rice and leave it for a few days". I had it in salt all evening but it still didn't work. I didn't really have a bunch of rice lying around and I had heard somewhere that salt did the same thing. When I went to bed last night I left the battery and phone in a container of oatmeal.

I realized from this experience just how sadly dependant I am on my little phone. I go everywhere with it. I take it upstairs to bed. I take it to work. I take it into the bathroom to take a shower. I don't drop it in the toilet.

This morning I took the parts out of the oatmeal and put it back together. It just felt so right in my hand. The poor case is chipped and scratched. My life is in this little phone. I don't even know Stefanie's number. It is in my phone. So I look at my contacts and I pick "Capital One" and hit send. I hear it ringing. It is a miracle. I am back in business. And I owe it all to oatmeal. I start every morning with oatmeal, especially this morning.


Anonymous said...

Here I thought Oatmeal was just good fiber

Far Side of Fifty said...

I must be so I have only a land line..because we really live in the boonies..but I hate the land line so I am sure if I had a little phone like yours I would have smashed it to bits by now:)

Debbie said...

You need to contact Quaker! Great selling point:)

Rachel M. said...

Wow that's great news! I dropped mine in the ocean last year, there was no saving it!

T said...

Checking in to see you and Dan are doing.
Hope all is well.

Andrea said...

That's a great trick!! I too am very reliant on my phone. Hope you and Dan are doing okay. :)

Rachel M. said...

Just checking in, hope you and Dan are okay.

Jeanne said...

Okay, I'm pretty late to the party, but this was still worthwhile. A guy at work just laundered his. I'll tell him about the oatmeal cure!