Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Importance of Being Janet

Last Saturday I left my normal Saturday routine of grocery shopping and vacuuming and drove to Indiana to visit with a bunch of women that I went to high school with. Actually one girl went to kindergarten with me and several went to my grade school. I ran into construction, an accident, and had several stops as I did take my 57 year old bladder with me.

But I am so glad I went. We laughed, ate, and reminisced over old times. We talked about the grade school principal, other people we went to school with, our kids, our husbands, and most of all, we took a few hours out of our weekend to connect with our roots. Sometimes I forget where I came from and who I used to be. These people knew the old me. The policeman's daughter, the athlete's sister, the history buff's sister, and my mother's daughter. They knew the original me, the person I used to be before I left home sad and hurt. They knew "Janet" not "Jan". I left "Janet" back in Plymouth, Indiana. I don't know her anymore, but for a few hours last Saturday I became that person again. And I had fun.

I am so grateful for being included in the group even for just one afternoon. I am grateful for the laughter, and the companionship of old friends. Now I am back at home and back at work and in a few minutes I will be back in the grocery store. However, I am just a little bit changed. I remember being "Janet" and it wasn't bad after all.


Small Footprints said...

There's something special about being around people who knew us "growing up". It's ... perhaps honest ... a look at who we are at our core. Sure, we've turned into other people but ... that special something that makes us unique still lives within us and when we are with people who knew us back then, that uniqueness finds it's voice!

I'm glad that you had such a special time with childhood friends ... and that, for at least a little while, you were Janet!

Small Footprints

Jeanne said...

The more time that goes by, the easier I find it to let go of the bad stuff and just remember the good. The bad crap doesn't affect me in any positive way, and I have the choice not to let it affect me in any negative way.

Glad you had such a nurturing afternoon with your old friends.

T said...

This sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, finding Janet again, even if just for a little while.

It is nice to get together with childhood friends and reflect of times past.
I am happy you had a nice time.

Andrea said...

So glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself! I love old friends...there is nothing quite like them. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Times change and we change too, so glad you had a fun time connecting with your roots with old friends:)

Not Waving but Drowning said...

What a smashing way to spend the afternoon.

Glad you went, it'll have done you so much good,


Anonymous said...

I don't know the last time I felt the kind of deep comfortableness in a group that i felt that day. It was such a thrill for me when you came in the door. -- Carolyn