Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blogging Ideas

I have been rolling some new ideas around in my head but I'm scared to do it. I went into Stefanie's room this morning and took some pictures of the mess. And I'm being kind when I call it a mess. I used to clean it myself on occasion but she is going to be 22 this month. Should I get her maid service for a birthday present?

I used to clean her room myself but I gave up about 10 years ago because I didn't want to hurt myself trying to make my way into the room. It is even dangerous from the doorway. The cat runs in there but Stef is afraid he will hurt himself too. I see things I want in there like pop bottles that need to be returned and plates that I would like to wash and return to the cupboard.

The problem is that she likes to extend her mess through the house. The dining room table tends to collect her crap. It never ends.

So I was thinking about sending the pictures to my blog. She hasn't read my blog. But she knows it exists. I could threaten her with exposure if she doesn't clean up her act (room).

Food for thought.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You could start a whole new blogging trend! I sure would give it a whirl. Just a ?..22 ..she should hire the maid herself. I know it is tough, our daughter, husband, three kids and two dogs, and a cat lived with us for ten months..she cleaned rarely..but ate and was warm everyday. The plates everywhere, and pop cans drove me almost nuts..well maybe more nuts than I already am. Hard situation, I understand the frustration:(

Jeanne said...

I keep an ongoing list of potential blog topics, and one of them is "Using Your Blog to Extort Good Behavior." It's nice to know I'm not the only person who would resort to blogmail.

Caffeine Court said...

That sounds like my future!

My girls leave wrappers, bottles, cans, you name it, all over the place. I'm trying to nip it in the bud, it makes me nuts!

Jan said...

I seem to be getting mostly comments from other moms telling me to just do it! Even Stefanie seems resigned to the fact that I probably will do it. And I think I will.