Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stefanie's Closet

the closet.jpg
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Here goes nothing. Last night, Danielle grabbed my phone and started sending Stefanie pictures of her room. Even Danielle is sick of the mess that lives next door to her.

Stef keeps saying that she is going to clean it. So I figure that if I start sending these pictures to my blog one at a time, maybe I will see some cleaning going on.

This picture shows that she does have a closet in which to put clothes away. This is how she chooses to use it.

The empty container in the closet is something I bought for her to get her organized. She promised to keep shoes in it.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Well LOL it might be worth a try..either that or throw it all in a snowbank.. I have done that on ocassion..but then I am a cranky old woman! :)

Andrea said...

My mom had this problem with me when I was in my late teens....and this would have worked on me!! lol!

Jan said...

We don't have any snowbanks right now. Just puddles.