Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Memories

So far things are going right on schedule. I haven't written a single Christmas card. The tree isn't up. No gifts have been purchased (except for stocking stuffers). And Stefanie's birthday is exactly one week before Christmas. No birthday presents have been bought or wrapped. I don't even know if I have birthday wrapping paper in the house. No Christmas cookies have been baked. I did stockpile some chocolate though. And I bought some Christmas candy but I think we ate it.

Christmas stresses me out. Now at some point I do need to take action. I did put the ribbons on the coach lights outside. I could use the new cat as an excuse for my hesitation. Actually, this is typical for me. I work better under pressure. Or so it seems.

One year at Christmas, I broke my shoulder and had to do all my shopping one-handed. Stef's birthday was a rough one that year. I couldn't even do the girl's hair. Had to have the birthday party at a pizza place because I couldn't do much with the right arm in a sling.

One year at Christmas I had to have emergency oral surgery and couldn't open my mouth. I remember smashing a Reese Cup with my fist so I could slip it in between my locked jaws. That was fun.

One year at Christmas my engine blew in my Suburu.

Enough with travelling down memory lane. I think maybe I will get the lights out tonight and put them in the windows before anyone comes home tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will make a list of stuff I need to do for Stefanie's birthday. I probably do have some birthday wrapping paper down in the basement. I am sure the cat would like to check out the supply of Christmas cards tucked away in the boxes of Christmas decorations.

Somehow everything comes together for Christmas every year. I do hope that I have made good memories for the girls over the years. Hopefully they will remember what I have done for them and one day I can just be a guest at their houses for the holidays.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

It would be nice wouldn't it? Being a guest.. but I don't see that in my immediate future either:)