Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are We Ready For a New Cat?

Well, we are starting to talk about adopting a rescue cat. Danielle was so adamant at first about never getting another cat as long as she lives. Now she's thinking what to name a new cat. She says she prefers a male cat, maybe named something like Frankie. Stef doesn't care what we name it as long as it is cute and little. I tried to remind her that a new cat would not be Bob. Bob wasn't Bob when we got him. He had to grow with the family and became his own person. Each animal has their own personality and I am afraid we would expect this new cat to open doors with his paws on the doorknob, flush toilets just because he can, and love us at first sight. Bob didn't love us at first but that was 12 years ago and no one really remembers what he was like.

Bob came from a pet supply store in Warren where he was living in a cage with his mother. The rest of the litter had been adopted when I first met him. We had been thinking about getting a cat for a short time and I just happened to be browsing in the store and came across a little gray and white sleeping kitten. His mother had been returned once already because she was too mouthy. That should have been a warning but I took the little kitten home anyway. I took Stef to the pet supply store after work that day to show her but she was too scared to hold him so a little girl shopping with her father held him. We left with him in a box and Stef was afraid he would get out. I am not sure what she thought he might do to her. She wasn't used to animals and wasn't too sure what would happen if he climbed out of the cardboard box.

As a surprize for Danielle that evening, we took him to the ballet studio when we picked her up from dance class. That was his last outing just for fun.

Think I may stop at Petco to look at the animals up for adoption. We'll see.

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