Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life is Back to Normal?

Dan is back at work. He left on Friday after being home for a week. It may sound cruel that I wanted him to leave but you can't pay the bills with togetherness. He makes no money with the truck sitting in my driveway. So now things are back to normal somewhat.

Danielle is studying alot. That is good.

Stefanie is stressing alot about overdue student loans, poor wages, old vehicle, etc. Join the club.

It does seem funny to get up in the morning and not have a cat try to trip me going down the steps to make coffee. It seems really lonely and dark when I come home from work and I truly am home alone. Over the weekend I heard a little noise while reading the paper and thought just for a split second that he was vomiting. He wasn't. Once, I thought I saw him dart from behind the recliner toward the front door. Then I remembered that he was dead.

Sunday was my birthday. I had gone to sleep the night before with my phone on vibrate and missed several calls from an upset Stefanie about her car breaking down and "Please call me". Then I read text messages from Dan telling me that Stef thinks her transmission went on the old Bonneville. Lovely and all before the coffee was made. Happy Birthday to me.

Then I make my way downstairs and see bits and pieces of Stefanie's belongings and am reassured that she did make it home after all. Then I am annoyed that her car is at home and not towed to the repair shop. Then I think that she was just thinking about getting home and that she would deal with the car later. OK. Then I am annoyed that the car has been deposited by the tow truck behind my car and I am trapped in the garage. OK. I can wake Danielle up to get her keys and move her car out of the garage first and then I will be able to work my car out of it's place and go buy my Sunday paper. Then I think maybe I can start the disabled car and move it. OK. It starts right up. Maybe it won't drive? No, I pull out onto the road and drive around the neighborhood. OK. I look under the hood, check the fluids, and look for broken belts, etc. Seems normal. So why did she say she broke down on the freeway and have to be towed home?

I get in my car to go get the Sunday paper and it is very cold. And quiet. I am driving down the road and my blower fan is not running. I turn it on high and nothing. Great. Now my car is possessed too. I check under the hood when I returned home and everything seems normal. Great. No blown fuse. No broken belts. Nothing. I decide to sit on the couch and read the paper.

I drive to Costco later in the day and realize that it is getting hot inside the car and I turn the heat down. My fan is working now. I am happy about it working, but that is weird. I get up Sunday morning thinking that I have two cars to take in for repair and before the day is over, I have no car problems that I know of.

I park in the garage and go to the mailbox to check for mail from Saturday. Several birthday cards are waiting for me. Happy Birthday to me.

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