Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

It is nice to have a four day weekend but this weekend is more than that to me. Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday. It is less commercial than Christmas. It is about a nice meal with traditional favorites and family. Now my family get together isn't the big deal that most think of, but it is a day that I plan the meal way ahead and we all sit down to eat at the same time scheduled around who has to work and who has the day off.

This year's meal was strange to say the least. No turkey. That is strange enough, but Dan didn't come home as he had that unexpected week off just two weeks ago, and he needs to come home soon for a shot in his spine, so the biggest eater wasn't at the table this year. Danielle is now vegetarian, and Stef hates seafood. So, I planned on a Costco chicken (smaller than a turkey) and a shrimp platter (I would eat some of both meal plans). Costco decided to run out of the shrimp platter and I had to settle for the sushi tray. Danielle is used to good sushi from where she works so wasn't at all satisfied by the makeshift sushi. Stef enjoyed her chicken and I had mashed potatoes, gravy (for me and Stef) and deviled eggs, veggies and dip, dinner rolls to die for, and the two layer pumpkin pie with the cream cheese layer on the bottom.

Danielle then went to work. Stef and I followed a few hours later and visited her at the bar she works at one day a week and sat at the bar for a drink. It was fun to see her at work. She made Stef two fancy drinks and it was better than sitting at home by myself after dinner.

So, no turkey, no cranberries, no green bean casserole, no stuffing. And a drink at the bar in Troy. Very strange but really nice. This holiday gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

Now to deal with the craziness and anxiety that only Christmas can give me. . . .

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