Monday, November 3, 2008

Cat Depression

Tonight I came home from work and sat on the couch with the cat wrapped in a towel and force-fed him. His little jaws are like steel traps. He is weak from not eating. Dan keeps calling me to ask how he is doing. Stef took him out today for an outing. He went to the neighbors to look for the crickets. None there. All packed up for the winter.

When I was done giving him CatSure (like Ensure for old people) and medicine to stimulate his appetite I tried to stick some food in for good measure. What am I doing? I told myself I wasn't spending money on this cat. Ten dollars for one can of CatSure. Three phonecalls to the vet, an extra trip there to pick up medicine to make him hungry. One can of food that the vet said was real "tasty". All for what? A cat that lays in the rocking chair too weak to clean the excess food off his face.

I promised the girls that he wasn't going to die. The vet said he is perfectly healthy except for the arthritis. He is "focusing on the pain". And he has decided to die. He has no will to live. What now?

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