Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sick Kitty

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We took Bob to the doctor Wednesday evening. He was traumatized to say the least. The exam had to take place in the back room because they had to muzzle him and the blood curdling screams we heard made my skin crawl. Poor Stef immediately started crying and her mascara poured down her face.

The doctor was real nice to us but let us know right off the bat that we were probably dealing with organ failure. Not very comforting. He ordered bloodwork and that only showed that he has high cholestral. Next came an xray. At one point they came and got Stef to help them because he got away and they needed help catching him. Stef beat me through the door so I just waited in the exam room.

The doctor came in with a laptop and showed me the entire insides of my cat. Kidneys good, small liver, a big gas bubble in his stomach from all his screaming. And then he shows me the arthritic lower spine. A cortisone injection and he should be "fine by tomorrow". Bob was now convinced that he had died and gone to hell. He received his injection and we were out the door.

Today is Saturday and he won't eat, barely drinks water, and stays in the hall closet most of the time. I have tried all his favorite taste treats and no result. My husband suggested I take him outside to get some fresh air. I opened the front door and he smelled the air and out of the closet he came. I opened the screen door and he went outside, stretching his back legs as he gingerly made his way onto the porch. Over to the neighbors he went to look for last summer's crickets. They had packed up and were gone for the season so he came home and carefully made his way up our steps and went under the green tulip chair and sat.

After a while I opened the door and he came in slowly and went to the living room to try and vomit the contents of his stomach. Not much there so he went back into the closet to sleep.

This can't be my cat. My cat is playful and bright eyed. My cat bites his owners and eats or wants to eat constantly. In the twelve years we have had him, never once have I tried to get him to eat. I usually tell him that he can't eat again!!!!! My cat wanted to eat every hour. He used to think that every move we made must mean that we were headed to the kitchen to feed him.

I did try and call his doctor today and left a voicemail for him. I just need some type of advice on what to try and feed him or how to force feed him. I am worried about where this is going.

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