Saturday, January 10, 2009

The New Bathroom Scale

Last night while browsing through my absolute favorite store (Costco) I found two bathroom scales. I had a $10 off coupon for one and of course, the other one was not on sale. Being a devoted Costco shopper I picked the more expensive one. It can keep track of 4 users. It measures body fat, weight loss or gain, bone mass, and body mass index. It knows how tall I am, my birthdate and tells the actual time and date. What more could I ask for?

So today I take it out of the box and put the enclosed batteries in the little compartment where they belong. I look at the multi-lingual instructions and try to make some sense out of the English directions. I program the date, time, my birthdate, etc. I am officially user number one. Hey, I bought it. Danielle can be user number two. The other two users are not home. That is the subject of another blog posting.

After weighing myself, I call the number for my new gym to see if it is really opening on January 15th as noted on the flyer I kept in my purse. Nooooo they aren't on schedule. The construction will be finished next Friday and then the wait for the Fire Marshall to inspect. Try back at the end of the month. I am trying not to fall into my deep January depression and eat a half gallon of ice cream followed up with a bag of Reese Cup Miniatures. That is what I do in January. Gee that was the subject of a previous blog of mine, "Twenty Pounds".

Now I knew that my old bathroom scale had problems but I think now that I liked it better. I had read that my old scale worked on a spring principle and that after time, the spring stretches out and the scale isn't accurate anymore. Maybe that is why I had to constantly adjust the needle to read "0". So now I find myself needing to lose the last ten pounds all over again. I weigh about ten pounds more than I thought I weighed. Maybe there is something wrong with the new scale? I am convinced there is a problem here. Danielle walks in at that point and I program her weight, age, height as user number two. She steps on the scale and says, "That's right". I look at her. She tells me that is exactly what she weighed at the doctor's office yesterday. "What doctor?" She looks at me and tells me that she likes the old scale better too but the new one is the accurate one.

Great. Now I have too much body fat and too little bone and I need to lose the same weight all over again. AND my weight is programmed in as user number one for the world to see.

Good thing I bought that jumbo tub of organic lettuce last night.


HoodChick said...

Two things would keep me from buying this scale. First, no password protection on 'my business.' Second, it matches the doctors scale? wth, everyone knows the scale at the doctors is wrong, wrong, wrong. I'd run over it with my car and try to take it back. Really, it came out of the box like that.

Jeanne said...

I weigh myself on the scale at the gym on Mondays. Period. And if I sleep in and skip a Monday, it has to wait another week.

Because how much pain does one person need, really?

Anonymous said...

What an evil scale. It does sound like cool with all the neat gadgets, but not if it makes you weigh more.

I am with Jeanne. I don't own one and I only use the one at the gym once a week.

I just do the jeans test - if they still fit all is well.

Andrea said...

I love your use of humor in your writing. :) And I concur with K...what an evil scale!! :)

Joanne said...

Who would've thought a scale could cause such complications? Cute post!