Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simba's Happy Again!!!!

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My house has waaaay too much drama for my liking. I thought by this time in my life the kids would be off doing whatever and I would be home alone bored. I thought I would be knitting again to pass the time. I don't know what I thought actually.

It took 48 hours to cheer Simba up but Jack did it. They go everywhere together. Frick and Frack is what I called them this morning. They like to come into my bedroom in the morning (way before I planned to get up) and start their fighting routine rolling over and over biting and kicking on my rug by my bed. I just lay there and watch them play. I am so happy that Simba isn't sick. I just had never seen a depressed cat before.

Jack just didn't give up on him. Every once in a while Jack would come up to Simba and try and lick his head, and Simba would lash out at him and hiss. Poor Jackie would just look at him and almost shrug his little shoulders and walk away with his head down. So after keeping Simba in my room on Wednesday night to pamper him I left the two of them downstairs on Thursday night to do whatever cats do in the middle of the night.

On Friday morning I was awakened by the two of them fighting on the floor by my bed. I got up and the two boys ran down the stairs ahead of me to be the first cat to the food dish. I fed them and they started running around together playing and chasing just like old times. Jack had done his magic during the night. All is well.

Slight bump in the road here. Stefanie now wants Simba back. The little fluffball kitten (Libby) is starting to annoy her. Libby cries all the time, Libby chews on cords, Libby climbs the screen. Jay and Stef miss Simba now that he isn't sad. They want him home.

I get a text message yesterday at work that says, "I am dropping Libby off at a shelter Saturday and coming over to get Simba. I want him back. You guys can't have him no matter what Dad says. Simba doesn't like Libby and I don't want her anymore because I want Simba to be happy."

Now Dan and Danielle even though they are allergic to cats will not allow Libby to go to a shelter. Sooooo now I get Libby. Jack pretty much loves everyone and doesn't seem to care who comes over. Little does he know that he is getting a brand new baby sister today and losing his best friend Simba.

However Stefanie has agreed that if she takes Simba back home and he gets depressed we have to switch cats again. And Jack gets Simba back. Waaaay too much cat drama here.

People at work were cracking up laughing at me yesterday. The comments ranged from, "Wait until Stef has kids. She will have to get rid of the baby if the older child doesn't like it"! to " I am dropping the baby off at your house Mom cuz it is annoying me"!

The saga will continue........


Jan said...

I tried so hard this morning to get a cute picture of the two of them but I got this one of just Simba. It is pretty similar to the first picture of Jack that I took last November.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well I am glad Simba came around..but now he is leaving. Sounds like someone is way spoiled..and it is not a cat:)

Anonymous said...

I suspect it will as well,


Jeanne said...

It's good that you're so flexible. Good luck with the new baby!

T said...

Oh I am so glad he is better, but darn, I am kind of sad he is leaving now.

Good luck, and hope all goes well with the new kitty.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of cat drama.

I hope everybody finds a happy home and I'm glad Simba is happy again.

Debbie said...

Don't you just love animal drama like that? Too funny:)