Thursday, October 2, 2008


I think I am addicted to blogging. My family doesn't know. My husband thinks I am at the post office buying stamps. My kids don't know but then they have their own additions. Danielle is addicted to FaceBook. Stefanie is hooked on MySpace. They have their own addictions to deal with. That gives me more time to deal with my own.

Took the day off to be with my husband. He's at home and I'm at the library blogging along with all these other addicted lost souls. I see the same people here everytime I come in to update my addiction.

Finally figured out how to add some pictures to my blog. I'm getting there slowly. Check back in with me next month and I might have my picture on this thing. Just give me a chance. Too bad I have to work tomorrow. Cuts into my addiction time.

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