Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Afternoon Off or I Hate Cars

Ok, so I took the afternoon off. I have a lot of unused vacation days, personal days, whatever that I can use before the end of the year. And I needed to pick up my car from the shop anyway. I have been using Stefanie's car (actually my car too) to get to work these past few days while the repair shop replaced two belts in my car and removed my axle from the transmission to get a plastic bag out of there. I guess I drove over a plastic bag and it got sucked up into my car's moving parts and wrapped itself around whatever and knocked both of my belts off my car.

Only I could do that I'm sure. But I'm back on the road again. Bought a new car battery last month. And I need some new tires too. Figures, I am getting ready to make my last car payment. So, if I could stop paying for car repairs I could finish paying this puppy off. Grrrr!!!!

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