Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poor Bob

Our cat Bob is 12 years old. He hasn't gone to the doctor in 10 years. I think his last visit is because he had walked over my ceramic cooktop and burned his front paws after Danielle made macaroni and cheese. He screamed and ran upstairs and ended up at the vet to get an antibiotic for the mishap and hasn't been in the car since.

We didn't take him to the vet when he fell out of the second story window and landed on the deck. We didn't take him when Stef left him on the deck with a color and leash on and he ran between the posts and hung himself when she had gone inside to take a phone call. He was fine after both incidents.

For the past year, his taste in food has changed, he has lost weight, and is constantly hungry. We have noticed all the changes but he was happy, healthy, and playful. I had to stop buying cheap cat food as all the inexpensive brands made him barf behind the couch. I just chalked up all this to the fact that he is older and he needed to lose weight anyway.

This past week things have changed. He hates all the food I try serving. He is sleeping more. He is not playful and we are worried. Today he sees the doctor. They used to have his chart with a big DANGER sign on the front of it. He had to be muzzled at the door. I don't think this visit is going to be pretty.

I bought his first cat carrier at Walmart tonight after work. I used to to just wrap him in a towel and hope for the best when he had to visit his doctor. He was neutered in that office many years ago and declawed too. And then we just stopped going. Way too stressful for him (and me). He did bite or scratch one of the workers there. She showed me the red mark on her arm. He would growl everytime someone walked past his cage. Stef is going with me. She is worried that he will have to be put to sleep. I did tell her that I can't spend a lot of money on this.

I'm thinking now that maybe he has a urinary tract infection. Wish he could tell me if it burns when he goes to the bathroom.

My appointment is at 7 so here goes nothing.

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