Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Day of October Leads to Winter

As I was driving home today from work with my empty gas tank I noticed the trees along the expressway are starting to change from lush green to typical Michigan fall colors. Sometimes we forget to notice and all of the leaves are on the ground before we even can appreciate them. Life just gets in the way sometimes. The financial crisis, the election, gas prices, office remodeling going on in the midst of caring for patients, etc. all gets in the way of our slowing down and enjoying the too brief fall.

I love fall. I love the colors and the smells. Yates Cider Mill and Halloween candy. I love it all but it all leads to winter. As I get older, I dread winter more each year. But then I realize that I need to stop and look at the colors, smell the apples, drink the cider and enjoy life. Tomorrow we can worry about filling the gas tank, and hoping the senate will pass the bail out and evert financial crisis for the country. Today, I will look at the colors, take a deep breath and hope we have a mild winter.

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