Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Am Paying Attention to the Road!

So, I'm driving on I-696 this morning talking to my husband who is driving a semi through Ohio to make his delivery. We talk for about a half an hour and hang up so I can listen to the radio for a few minutes before I arrive at work. I need a few minutes of news, etc. just to get my mind-set for working.

As I am listening to how much the stock market went down the previous day I begin to look around my car for my makeup bag. Watching the car in front of me I casually get out foundation, mascara, blush, lip brush and lipstick and eyeshadow. One by one I start applying each item to my face. I actually feel guilty about doing my makeup in the car as I am driving but each day I find myself doing it again. I can't help myself.

I take a sip of coffee and see my phone lying innocently on the seat beside me. I reach for it and press one button that immediately puts me on the world wide web. One more button and I can see my email. Hmmmm. One new email. I don't take my eyes off the road but I can see a new forward full of ridiculous Halloween costumes. Just one more as I peek at the next picture. Ok I think that is enough.

I change my selection from the news to a book on cd and start in where I left off yesterday. I am in the middle of a book. My thought are interrupted by an incoming text message. I carefully read a query from a daughter asking me if I can order her some contact lenses. Quickly I get a response back to her. All the while observing all the rules of the road. Some people think that I-696 has no rules but they are there I'm sure.

I arrive at my destination. Work. I leave my little habitat and head through the parking lot. I slip my cell phone into my pocket where it will remain until the next text message arrives.

Long gone are the days when you drove to the destination without any interruptions from the outside world. Now everyone you know is just a fingertip away. Send me a text. And pass the mascara.

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