Monday, March 9, 2009

AquaJuice is Here!!!!!!

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I was shopping at Meijer yesterday and noticed a new product on the shelf. I passed by, did a double-take and passed by again. This is apple juice with water added and they are calling it AquaJuice. Is is me or is this ridiculous?
I have been adding water to my juice that I take to work with me everyday for years. I don't want all the sugar from regular juice and I like the taste of a little juice.
I think my Depression Era father would roll over in his grave right now if he saw this!!! We are so stupid (lazy) that we can't put our own water in our juice???


Anonymous said...

I completely agree - this is just crazy.

The watered down juice boxes I can almost see, but the bottles is just silly.

How hard is it to add your own water?

Debbie said...

The only thing about this that ticks me off is that you and I didn't market it first and take the people's money!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Some people will buy anything..even water:(

Jeanne said...

Yeah, and most bottled water is just tap water, too.

Tom | Easy Googler said...

Thanks for the post, Jan! I grew up in Michigan, but have since moved away. It's been too long since I've set foot in a Meijer and your post made me nostalgic!

While the AquaJuice may seem like a dumb idea to most, I'm sure there are people who will buy it since it does contain 1/2 the calories -- probably the same people that pay extra for bottled water with a little flavor added... It seems people are putting convenience before common sense :-)

Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog and couldn't stop reading it.

Write again soon,


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is more honest than, say, "orange drink" which is only five or ten percent juice.

As usual the buyer must beware.